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Multibrackets M Public Video Wall Stand 9-Screens 40-55" Black - Videovägg

  • VESA0 x 0 - 0 x 0
  • Max-vikt 0 kg
  • Mått 249.2 x 0.1 x 0.1 mm
  • Vikt 249.2 kg

Beskrivning:This 9 screen freestanding video wall cart makes it possible to construct video wall in prominent locations for temporary applications.With the optional floor stand base you can stand or mount it to the floor and make the installation permanent.M Public Video Wall Stand 9 Screens (3x3) screen array configuration is: 3 screens wide x 3 screens high.Based on 210cm high pillar made out of durable aluminum, the possibilities for height adjustments are very good and it is possible to provide perfect viewing angle for both a sitting and a standing audience. There is a power rail built into each pillar, providing 220v power to the screens or peripheral. Denna text kommer från This makes installation and cable management an ease. This movable video wall solution creates a solution that can be used for presentations, trade shows, store or office entrances.This is a perfect solution for customers who need a mobile presentation system for VTC, digital signage applications, and more.Note: All Multibrackets video walls are designed with the critical application in mind.With the right combination of durability and serviceability, we provide standardized and cost efficient solutions or even custom fabricated steel and aluminum video walls designed to fit most applications or environments.